Lessons #2

If there is a splinter that’s bothering me, and it’s big enough to remove, tweeze it off. The pain is barely less than a second, but the relief is a lifetime.



Lessons #1

Going to Indooroopilly

Exit Indooroopilly Shopping Mall using Station Rd or Musgrave Rd.

The U-turn is slightly on the right.

Going to Suj’s house

You can stay on the middle lane to get to M3

Cooking breaded tofu

Use firm tofu. And mayo. More egg. Keep the tofu dry.


Making matcha cheesecake

Cut the cream cheese into smaller bits. Let it melt for a smooth finish.


A Person Who is Trying

Dear Seafarer,


Waking up is not difficult. Going to bed is not difficult. I am alive and well.

I am comfortable. Living in a bubble. Food passes my belly daily. A house over my head.

Family and friends and people I’ve loved and lost.

I am already so blessed.

This sadness will gently pass.