A girl and her bedroom

edit: video up.

animal dreamfish enchanted 2 feets lie reach spectacle

3 o’ clock. Dreamy, sun-lit afternoons. One of my favourite feelings in the world is that of calm-nothingness. I fall into an isolated moment, and idle the day away with wasteful indulgence. I cut my bangs. I put on lipstick for no good reason. I observe the cracking dryness of my skin. I lie on the floor, feeling the texture of wood against my bare calves. I marvel at the strange dexterity of my hands, such ugly-pretty things. I remove my glasses, and my world blends into soft shapes, and Gaussian blurs. It feels like stepping out of speeding traffic on the highway of life, and heading off into the sidewalk. When the dream ends, there is always a little feeling of regret.

New camera. Experiments ensued. Also my reason for taking pseudo-abstract selfies.


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